Kongskilde Vibro Till 8200 SF

Kongskilde Vibro Till 8200 SF for sale at Coastal Tractor, California

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Kongskilde Vibro Till 8200 SF for sale at Coastal Tractor, California



Kongskilde’s Model 8200 cultivator series has 6 rows of shanks which allows for unmatched residue clearance with tines in 4” (10 cm) or 6” (15 cm) centers. The framework is 4” (10 cm) x 4” (10 cm) x 1.4” (0.635 cm) wall thickness. The framework is extruded
through all frame members for added strength. The frame is 162” (4.115 m) from the front tine bar to the rear tine bar.

The 8200 is using “S” tine technology that Kongskilde is known for. The S-tine consists of 3 pieces: the coil, the stem, and the share. There are 2 different size coils being used on the 8200: .524” thick (13.3 mm) for use on 4” spacing and .624” thick (16.3 mm) for use on 6” spacing. The dimension of the coil ensures the powerful forward, backward and sideways motion of the tine. The S-tine is strong enough for first pass tillage yet vibrant enough to create an excellent seedbed.

In addition, as the S-tine enters the soil, its aggressive circular action begins shattering the hardened soil creating a loose and mellow soil for a superior seedbed. The integrity of the components of each tine ensures the entire area is treated evenly in depth and width, and the field is not left with heavy tine tracks. Since it has the most holding power in the industry, (110 lb point pressure on the 13 mm tine and 160 lb point pressure on the 16 mm tine) the Kongskilde S-tine can go in the hardest clay soil to the lightest sandy soil. S-tines can cultivate the soil from a very shallow depth of ½” (1.3 cm) up to 4” (10 cm) deep while providing a superior quality seedbed at all depths within that range.

Standard Features:
  • Self-Leveling Hitch
  • Single Point Hydraulics
  • Drop Leg Jack for use on front or rear of cultivator.
  • Safety Light Kit
  • Rear Hitch


Model 8200-26 8200-28 8200-30 8200-32
Number of tines 78/52* 84/55* 89/60* 96/64*
Transport height 11.2 ft 12.8 ft 13.8 ft 14.1 ft
Transport width 16.3 ft 16.3 ft 16.3 ft 16.3 ft
* 4" Spacing/6" Spacing