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Specializing in farm equipment sales, parts, and service.


Gearmore provides quality implements, through servicing tractor dealers. It isGearmore’s continuing goal to develop and provide the finest and most reliable equipment at affordable prices.

  • gearmore aerators


    This is a fast, effective, low cost method to keep the soil surface open and minimize compaction without disrupting use of the turf area.

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  • gearmore backhoe


    If you ever need to dig a small hole in the ground, a shovel or spade will do. If you need to dig a really large hole in the ground, you might want to consider something a little more efficient like a backhoe.

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  • gearmore blades


    Rear blades are the answer for earth-moving requirements. They are ideal for landscaping, road and driveway maintenance.

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  • gearmore brushprocessor

    Brush Processor

    The Gearmore pull type, PTO driven, self-feeding Brush Processor was designed to shred material up to 4" in diameter into a very fine mulch that will decompose in the rows without affecting your harvesting operations.

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  • gearmore buckts


    Gearmore offers many different sizes and styles of buckets manufactured by Bradco. Whether it is a grapple bucket, a sifting bucket, material bucket, 4-in-1 bucket, if you don’t see what you want here, please contact Gearmore or your local tractor dealer and we will assist you in finding the right bucket for your job.

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  • gearmore compactors


    These rollers are available in 3-point or pull type in many different widths. For more compaction, adding water will greatly increase the rolling force

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  • gearmore cultivator


    We offer a one pass system for re-conditioning arenas. Use our Arena-VatorII to renovate and condition horse arenas and tracks in a single pass.

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  • gearmore diggers

    Diggers & Augers

    Whether you need a PTO driven or a hydraulic digger, we have what you need. We offer three models of the 3-point, PTO driven digger, fitting tractors from 20 to 60 horsepower. We offer 7 models in the hydraulic diggers to match tractor GPM’s from 5 to 60, with medium duty, heavy duty and rock augers.

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  • gearmore discs


    For all your discing requirements we offer 14 different series of discs with 66 total models. Whether it is an offset, tandem, pull type or wheel disc, narrow row, wide row, light duty, medium duty or heavy duty, we have what you need.

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  • gearmore dusters


    Gearmore dusters combine simple design with quality craftsmanship. Our dusters are perfect for organic growers. Our trailer dusters have a capacity of 1000 lbs., thus less fill-ups.

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  • gearmore forks


    For lifting without the expense of a forklift – we offer several models of 3-point mounted forks – economy or standard duty.

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  • gearmore harrows


    Chain harrows are ideal for pasture renovation and maintenance, grass and turf maintenance, dirt and gravel maintenance and other tillage applications such as preparing firm, level seedbeds.

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  • gearmore hedgertoppers

    Hedgers Toppers

    With the Collard Hedger and Hedger/Toppers you will have a total pruning system for orchards. The Hedger will maximize production and reduce pruning costs with better management of your tree canopy. The hedger opens middles for better sunlight thus improving harvest conditions. Allows growers to maximize production and reduce pruning costs.

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  • gearmore implements


    These 6 implements, for 24 horsepower maximum tractors, allow compact tractors to perform many different tasks. The tractor 3-point hitch makes it easy to change these tools.

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  • gearmore loaderass

    Loader Accessories

    Utilize your loader for more projects with our grapple and electro hydraulic kits. Our grapples turn your standard bucket into a versatile grapple bucket allowing you to pick up material impossible to do with plain loader buckets, such as: brush, loose hay, leaves, bales, manure, etc.

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  • gearmore logsplitters

    Log Splitters

    Our complete line of log splitters are available in 3-point hitch or trailer mounted with splitting capacities of 15 to 34 ton, depending on your requirements. All models can be operated in the vertical or horizontal position.

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  • gearmore mowers


    Gearmore offers a complete line of flail shredders for tractors from 20 to 110 horsepower. Our shredders are offered in 8 different series with a total of 17 shredding widths from 41" to 140".

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  • gearmore planters


    The Gearmore Precision Vacuum Planters are designed for extremely accurate vegetable seed placement. We custom build planting systems to growers individual requirements.

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  • gearmore quickhitches

    Quick Hitches

    Our Cat. I & II Quick Hitches were designed to make changing implements easier, safer, and faster.

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  • gearmore rakes


    Twinstar Generation 3 Basket Rakes are the premier rakes designed for commercial farming operations. These rugged built rakes are designed to rake two windrows together and for turning hay to speedup drying time prior to baling for high production hay farming, custom operators, dairies raking green chop and raking bio feed stocks.

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  • gearmore ridgers


    Ridger Blocker and Ridgers 3 Blade

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  • gearmore rippers


    Whether you need a ripper for cutting narrow trenches for irrigation pipe or you need deep ripping to optain soil aeration, allowing for greater water penetration and absorption, our rippers will add up to better crops and higher profits.

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  • gearmore looserollers

    Loose Ring Rollers

    Our pull type Ring Rollers are excellent for breaking up clods and mulching the soil to a finer mix. Excellent for busting up crust caused by rain or irrigation.

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  • gearmore scrapers


    3 point, Corral, Drag, Grading

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  • gearmore skidsteeratt

    Skid Steer Attachments

    We carry a large line of implements to make your skid steer and track loader more productive. These implements are manufactured by Bradco. From buckets to cold planers and tillers to backhoes, you are sure to find an implement that will fit your skid steer or track loader.

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  • gearmore soilcond

    Soil Conditioners

    This unique tool from Gearmore combines heavy-duty "S" tines to break the soil. A spring loaded spike tooth bar follows the "S" tines to level the soil and break clods. Then the aggressive spring loaded rolling crumbler completes the work by creating a fine, level surface.

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  • gearmore sprayers


    Boom, Air Blast, Venturi Air

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  • gearmore spreader


    Spinner, Pendulum, Manure

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  • gearmore sweepers


    Gearmore markets a line of sweepers manufactured by Sweepster. We offer rear mount, compact front mount, angle and pick-up sweepers. We have many more models available - please contact us for more information.

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  • gearmore tillers


    Gearmore offers a complete line of Rotary Tillers designed for the popular sub-compact 15 horsepower tractors all the way up to the large 160 horsepower farm tractors. Gearmore's Tillers are offered in 6 different series with a total of 24 tilling widths starting at 34" up to a wide 120".

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  • gearmore toptilt

    Top & Tilt Kits

    To make box scrapers more versatile, nothing works better than being able to control the tilt and pitch of the implement. Grading jobs are more accurate because you have complete control to develop the slopes you require when landscaping, building roads, etc. Gearmore's Top & Tilt Kits have 3-point hitch cylinders and valves for total control.

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  • gearmore dumptrailer

    Dump Trailer

    These trailers feature a unique 3-way dumping system, with right, left and rear hinged panels. These dumping options allow for quick, easy trailer spotting for exact location of material drop. Any user who needs to "haul and dump" will find these trailers save time and money. Some of the popular uses are golf courses, parks, cemeteries, landscapers, growers and ranchers.

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  • gearmore trencher


    Gearmore carries a line of trenchers manufactured by Bradco. These trenchers are made to mount to skid-steer loaders, compact skid-steer loaders and 3-point PTO HP hydrostatic tractors with rear remote. We have several boom lengths available to match your job's specifications.

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  • gearmore vineyard

    Vineyard Products

    The Collard family has been servicing wine growers for 5 generations. Andre Collard invented the first mechanical vine trimmer in 1962. Since that development Collard has made numerous improvements and continues to be the world leader in trimmers. Every stage in the production process is controlled to guarantee superior quality. After final assembly, each machine is run through the test bench where everything is checked - rotation speed, operating pressure, hydraulic cylinders, flow rates, etc.

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  • gearmore worksaverimp

    Worksaver Implements

    Worksaver has the answer, whether you are a contractor, large property owner, part-time farmer or rancher. Worksaver offers over 400 Implements that are Designed & Engineered to be a Remarkable Value, we have a solution for hard work. Below is a sample of some of the implements, manufactured by Worksaver, that are available from Gearmore.

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