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Domries Enterprises, Inc., is California's premier manufacturer of specialty tillage implements, with numerous unique and innovative implements designed specifically for orchards and vineyards, as well as heavy duty implements for large acreage open-field crops, ie., wheat, corn, cotton, vegetables, etc. These innovative features are the result of designing a product with the "customers needs being the entire focus of the product".

Orchards & Vineyards
  • domries modelSN

    Model SN

    A super narrow offset disk for narrow row vineyards, cane berries, or nursery stock.

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  • domries modelLPT

    Model LPT

    The low profile of this tandem disk reduces interference with low hanging tree branches.

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  • domries modelJTL

    Model JTL

    Simple adjustments of gang width or angle by relocating pins, fenders protect low hanging vines and fruit.

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  • domries modelOBL

    Model OBL

    Our first introduction to our family of Orchard Blade Levelers. Our original OBL features the Domries Center Ridge Buster and a smoothing blade to leave your orchard smooth and more profitable

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  • domries modelSXL

    Model SXL

    The reversible 3 point A frame hitch can be removed and installed on the rear of the machine

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  • domries soon

    Model SXLB

    A 4 in 1 implement and conservation tillage machine, this disk is the same as the SXL

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  • domries modelSX

    Model SX

    This 3 point tandem disk is the #1 vineyard disk in California vineyards.

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  • domries modelOBLR

    Model OBLR

    Our newest addition to our family of Orchard Blade Levelers. Our OBLR features the Domries Center Ridge Buster and a rear roller to leave your orchard floors smooth and more profitable due to decreasing loss of valuable nuts caught in ruts.

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  • domries modelCMX

    Model CMX

    A conservation tillage implement for 10" or 12" vineyard or orchard rows, which tills the outer areas near the plant berms but leaves the center area untilled.

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  • domries modelNVT

    Model NVT

    Designed for disking terraces or on hillsides, the NVT features hydraulic gang angle settings from the tractor seat, for non-stop adjustments.

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  • domries modelJJ

    Model JJ

    This wheel-controlled tandem disk is ideal for orchard, vineyard or open field disking.

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  • domries modelJ

    Model J

    The heavy-duty version of the Model JJ, all gang and depth adjustments are the same as the JJ.

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  • domries modelVTL

    Model VTL

    A vineyard wheel-controlled tandem disk with rugged tubular constructed frame, designed and engineered to withstand the normal rigors of the average vineyard.

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  • domries modelVTH

    Model VTH

    A heavier version of the VTL with larger frame tubing and heavier gang components.

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  • domries modelOTL

    Model OTL

    A medium duty wheel-controlled tandem disk with easy crank adjustment for rear gangs, relocating pins to adjust front gangs, and front mounted turnbuckle to level the machine.

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  • domries modelOTH

    Model OTH

    A heavier version of the OTL with each size being approximately 1600 lbs. heavier. For tractors of 60 to 110 pto horsepower.

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  • domries modelHLO

    Model HLO

    Easy to adjust rear gang, extra heavy frame construction, offset to right or left.

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  • domries modelTFO

    Model TFO

    Ideally suited for weed abatement, rental yards, heavy soils or roadside maintenance, the Extra Heavy Duty offset will standup to extremely tough usage.

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  • domries modelEHO

    Model EHO

    Split axles allow regulating the depth of cut for left or right side, hitch turnbuckle adjusts depth of cut for front or rear gangs.

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  • domries modelHWO

    Model HWO

    Designed for orchard and open field tillage, this wheel-controlled offset has a main frame and gang frames constructed of heavy angle iron, braced and welded for maximum strength and rigidity.

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  • domries modelBTO

    Model BTO

    A heavy built wheel-controlled offset disk with tubular steel main frame and gang frames, crank for side leveling, turnbuckle for leveling the disk to the tractor hitch, hitch offset through simple relocation of one pin, dual compression springs for cushioning shock loads.

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  • domries modelTT

    Model TT

    The Domries “Tri-Till” Soil Conditioner with Its S-Tine shanks and spikes harrow, with mulcher. Leaves soil particles beneath the top for better water infiltration.

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