Quality Agricultural Sprayers and Vegetable Equipment

Coastal Tractor is pleased to offer CropCare. CropCare® manufactures innovative and dependable agricultural and vegetable equipment for farms, commercial applications, lawns, wildlife food plots, and more. We offer 3PT and Trailer Sprayers from 40 to 1000 gallons, as well as smaller 25-60 gallon ATV and ATX Sprayers. We have High-Pressure and Shielded Boom Sprayers, Picking Assistants, and Plastic Mulch Lifter-Wrappers for produce growers. Foam Markers, Liquid Applicators, and Bale Movers complete our product offerings.


AGX200 3 614x383

Standard Model 3-Point Boom Sprayers

Each of our standard model 3PT sprayers is designed to give you CropCare quality at an economical price. They work well for tending to a small farm, or keeping up with the agricultural requirements of a mid-size commercial farm. Spray with ease and accuracy using manual and hydraulic booms reaching up to 60′ wide covering 24 30″ rows.


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Built to Order 3-Point Boom Sprayers

Put our skill and experience to work for you. Get a 3PT boom sprayer suited for your applications and built to order, with tank sizes ranging from 110 gallons up to 400. Our built to order equipment is engineered for superior performance and long product life with components chosen for quality and durability. Use our selection of booms with your built to order 3PT sprayer for portable directed nozzle control using the perfect tank size and optional shields for preventing drift.


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Trailer Sprayers

Trailer sprayers are vital to farms for spraying and fertilizing crops. CropCare® ag sprayers deliver the power and performance you need for efficient field spraying. Explore our trailer sprayer features to see how they can benefit your farm.