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Wasco Hardfacing Company, Inc.

Wasco Hardfacing Company is a national distributor and manufacturer of tillage tools and cultivating equipment. The company was founded in 1952 by Neal Gilley and has remained a family-owned operation since then. The business began as Wasco Welding Company and was incorporated in 1973 as Wasco Hardfacing Company, Inc. By 1980 the business was growing and the family found it necessary to relocate to Fresno for a more central location in the San Joaquin Valley. Once in Fresno the business quickly expanded into the western states. Today the legacy continues and Wasco Hardfacing Company has expanded throughout the United States and also into Australia. The business continues to be family-owned and operated under the leadership of Robin Messick and Donna Gilley.

  • wasco 100tillage

    100 Tillage Tools

    Sweeps, Alabamas, Furrowers, Irrigation Shovels, Points, Cultivator Knives, Injector Knives and Injector Shanks

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  • wasco 200tillage

    200 Three Point Tools

    Gauge Wheels, Clamps, Foot Pieces, Standards, Bar Spacers, Chisel Plow Shanks, Springtooth Shanks, "S" Tine Shanks, Coil Shanks, and A-Frames

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  • wasco nopic

    300 Blades

    Scraper Blades, Grader Blades, Loader Blades, Custom Made Blades Disc Blades Flail Chopper Parts Rotary Mower Blades Tiller (Rotovator) Blades (Tines) Rotary Mulcher Blades (Teeth) Brush Shredder Blades (Hammers)

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  • wasco 400plow

    400 Plow Parts

    Plowshares, Plow Shins, Landsides, Moldboards, and Clipped Head Plowbolts

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  • wasco 600ripper

    600 Ripper Points

    Ripper Points, Chisel Points, & Weld-on Tips

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  • wasco 700chrome

    700 Chrome Inserts

    Ripper Point Inserts, Flat Slab Inserts, Shin Guard Inserts, Edging Inserts, Tillage Point Inserts, Injector Kife Inserts, Sweep Insert Kits, Plowshare Insert Kits, Misc. Inserts & Parts

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  • wasco cultivator

    Cultivator (7500 and 7700 series)

    Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Section 4, Section 5, Section 6, Section 7, Section 8, Section 9, Section 10, Section 11, Section 12, Section 13, Section 14, Section 15, Section 16, Section 17, Section 18, Section 19, Section 20, Section 21, Section 22, Section 23, Section 24, Section 25, Section 26, Section 27, Section 28, Section 29

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  • wasco lister


    Three Piece A-Frame, Lister Unit Complete, Cast Shank Lister Unit Complete, Row Marker

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