Braud Grape Harvester


  • Braud GrapeHarvester coverHigh-Quality Grapes For High-Quality Wine: With industry-exclusive features such as the Noria collection system, and the SDC shaking system, Braud 9000 Series grape harvesters preserve the quality of your grapes for top-quality wines. These high-capacity models are designed to be gentle on the vines, provide better climbing capability in steep hills, and be more efficient and easy to operate.
  • Reduce Time and Labor Costs: Industry-leading cleaning systems, such as Opti-Grape™ and the patented SOCMA destemmer means your operation benefits from less time cleaning at the winery and better tasting wines.
  • Maximize Your Productivity: Optimizing productivity for all vine types has never been easier. It's quick to set up the Braud 9000 Series to work in different vineyards for maximum efficiency. The integrated Intelligent Management System 2.0, with IntelliView™ IV touchscreen monitor provides full access to all key harvester functions. The Automated Crop Setup (ACS) feature helps you program and store your preferred harvesting settings for easy setup to start your harvest.
  • Less Wash Time: The washing process has been reinvented. The Braud 9000 Series now features wireless remote-control convenience to provide effective washing while saving you time and money. A unique pre-washing system reduces picking head wash time with a strategically positioned water supply pipe, water nozzles positioned to key areas, and fewer debris accumulation areas.
  • Braud 9090X: Gentle Harvesting On A Huge Scale: Designed for large corporate wineries and high-yield vineyards with long rows spaced at 8 feet or wider, the Braud 9090X delivers non-stop, high-capacity harvesting. Choose from two configurations: • Side conveyor and optional destemmer • Two hoppers and optional destemmer
  • Harvest Non-Stop with The 9090X Side Conveyor: The innovative 9090X side-arm conveyor allows you to harvest and unload on the go, acre after acre. Now available with the side conveyor 9090X: the optional SOCMA patented destemmer. An advanced mesh and finger system eliminates 99.56% of harvest impurities, or MOG (material other than grapes) including rachis, stalks, leaves other debris. By removing MOG while you harvest, you not only improve your efficiency, you help eliminate the herbaceous taste that can be transferred to the grapes during transport to the winery.
  • Two-Hopper 9090X: If you prefer, choose twin hoppers with a full 1056-gallon (4,000L) capacity. The 10.5-foot tilting height provides plenty of clearance to unload into gondolas of varying heights. Plus, you can unload the hoppers simultaneously to reduce downtime. This model features a pre-sorting system for even better cleaning capacity. Two rollers positioned at the end of the receiving conveyors direct single berries that don't need destemming directly onto the cross conveyor to increase air flow. For the two-hopper 9090X model, the optional destemmer is fitted on the top of each hopper and does not compromise hopper capacity for optimum productivity. model.

Picking Head Features

  • The Heart of Braud DNA: Your harvest is treated with care from the beginning. Braud patented technologies set the standard for production quality, harvesting quality and response to the needs of growers throughout the world.
  • SDC Shaking System: The exclusive Braud SDC shaking system is recognized as the best picking system, period. Each shaking rod is independent and hinged at the rear on a maintenance-free flexible fixation. This connection allows perfect control of the shaker action, with maximum flexibility, for gentle picking. Use the ACS system “Automated Crop Setup” to program and save your preferred harvesting settings.
  • Low Grape Shaking: A clever redesign allows the first shaker rod to be mounted below the shaker plate bearing on both sides of the shaker frame, allowing about a 1-1/2-inch gap above the top of the Noria bucket. The mounting design ensures even more effective shaking, from the lowest hanging grapes to the highest part of the vine. (The low shaker feature is not available on the 9090X.)
  • Optimized Shaking System: Standard configuration includes 14 shakers and you can order additional optional shaker kits to match your needs. The optimized shaking system consists of both the adjustable rod aperture system and quick engaging shaker plates. The No Fruit Maceration: The grapes collected by Noria buckets at the bottom of the harvesting head are conveyed gently, without loss or maceration, up to the top of the harvesting head, always by the same bucket. Its design allows it to catch and carry even the lowest fruits safely.
  • Noria Collection System - A Must Have: Proven Noria polyurethane buckets ensure total care of the vines and fruit without ground losses. All updated Braud 9000L and 9000M models have extra capacity with 7.5 feet of sealed length (8.4 feet on the 9090X) and XXL size buckets. The tool-free Noria tensioning system allows you to use a simple crank to move the rails up and down.
  • Best-In-Class Cleaning: A 27.6-inch-wide, high-capacity cleaning conveyor allow for even crop distribution. Cleaning always occurs when the crop is in free fall for effective cleaning in lightweight material. Cleaning fan exhaust is directed to the rear of the machine for better air flow efficiency, less dust, noise and residue accumulation.
  • Cane Remover: In heavy canopy conditions, or conditions that may cause the shaking system to detach canes or branches, the cane removal system removes obstructions to avoid blockages to the Noria buckets, conveyors, fans, etc. This feature is standard on the 9090L and 9090X machines, and is available as an option on 9070L machines.

Destemmer Features

  • Outstanding Impurity Elimination: The Braud 9000 Series can be fitted with a SOCMA patented destemmer to eliminate impurities such as stalks, leaves and all material other than grapes (MOG). A dedicated MOG transfer auger discharges the material to the ground or to the picking head for recycling and destemming.
  • Gain In Quality, Gain In Productivity: The destemmer is positioned so it does not compromise the hopper capacity. It has a high throughput for optimum productivity. The driver can switch from destemming to non-destemming right from the cab. Two grape level sensors advise the driver when the hopper level reaches 75% and 100%.
  • Simplified Setup: You can adjust the distance between the rotors and mesh using the Noria adjustment lever to fine tune the destemming quality and performance to make the most of your harvest. The mesh tension adjustment has been revised with a tool-free system.

Opti-Grape System Features

  • Premium Quality Grapes: The award winning Opti-Grape™ system streamlines the wine making process from the vineyard to the winery by reducing time and labor costs while providing premium quality grapes. It is a premium system that delivers up to five times better cleaning performance by means of a unique, air-cushioned cleaning surface to remove as much material other than grapes (MOG) as possible.
  • Adjustable Settings: You can adjust fan speed directly from the cab on the IntelliView™ IV monitor. A MOG collection plate supplied as part of the Opti-Grape system allows the operator to sample the rejected impurities. As a result, the driver can adjust their own sorting parameters, depending on the harvest conditions, the grape variety and the growers sorting expectations.
  • Impurity Selection: The air cushion surface enables a wide range of impurities of all shapes and sizes to be removed, such as petioles, stalks, bits of leaves, wood, stems, etc. It is also effective at removing dry and moldy fruit, and any botrytized fruit which may be present during difficult harvest conditions.
  • Reversible Function: When the Opti-Grape system is not required, automatic opening flaps and an in-cab reverse function directs all harvested crop into the hoppers.
  • Crop Distributor: A specially designed crop distributor uses two infrared level sensors, allowing the hopper to be filled completely and efficiently. The hoppers have been adapted to accommodate the Opti-Grape system without compromising hopper capacity.

Washing System Features

  • Washing Made Easy: The 9000 Series washing system is standard equipment and ensures that cleaning is quick ,easy and effective. The reinvented washing and maintenance functions earned the Braud 9000 Series a silver medal at Sitevi 2017.
  • 20-Minute Cycle Time and Remote-Control Convenience: Simply connect a water supply, then use the wireless remote control to set the machine to run the pre-wash cycle automatically, in preparation for the manual rinse. The result is a complete pre-wash cycle in 20 minutes. The remote control is waterproof and the two provided waterproof wash suits feature a dedicated arm pocket for the controller so it is always within reach.
  • Pre-Washing System: During the pre-wash cycle, six water nozzles spray water into difficult to reach areas, such as the Noria buckets and the conveyor belt. The pre-wash system improves operator safety and saves time by quickly wetting and rinsing the sugars and debris away while the operator gets “suited up” in preparation for the manual washing process. The operator can then use the onboard water hose to do a final rinse from the safety of the platform, avoiding the need to drag a water hose from ground level.
  • Strategically Placed Water Nozzles: Water nozzles target the Noria buckets when they are upside down. The dirty water and debris falls out and is carried away by the conveyor belt for a fast, efficient wash cycle.
  • Washing Platform: The flat floor access platform with folding handrails provides save access to the top of the harvester. Handrail sensors linked to IMS 2.0 ensure the machine functions can only be activated from a safe area. The dedicated washing mode allows the operator to engage the washing operation from the safety of the platform, activating the Noria buckets and conveyors with the remote.
  • Integrated Storage: A storage compartment next to the access ladder provides a convenient place to store boots and wash suits, or can be used for additional tool storage.

Tractor Features

  • Powerful and Fuel Efficient: The machine with the best engine on the market is the obvious choice. The Braud 9000 series is powered by ultra-efficient FPT Industrial 4 and 6-cylinder Tier 4B HI-eSCR common rail electronic engines providing 164 to 182 horsepower. FPT Industrial NEF engines require no EGR valve solution, as the engine only breathes fresh, clean air. As a result, engine power outputs are equivalent to higher horsepower competitors that use EGR valves.
  • Outstanding Fuel Efficiency (9070L and 9070M): Tier 4B HI-eSCR engines, combined with IMS 2.0 offer outstanding fuel efficiency and economy. Pumps and hydraulics have been increased in displacement, resulting in a lower engine rpm requirement. In road transport, the engine rpm will run at only 1800 rpm at 15.5 mph max speed. Hydraulic components have been designed to provide fuel efficiencies during multifunction applications. This provides even better fuel efficiency in all work modes, benchmarking fuel efficiency while picking.
  • IMS 2.0 New Generation Intelligent Management System: Awarded a bronze medal at Sitevi 2017, the latest generation Braud Intelligent Management System, IMS 2.0, features added functionality. Combined with the IntelliView™ IV monitor, it continually monitors the demand on the engine, keeping the harvesting parameters constant, but also taking into account the terrain and hydrostatic load to constantly adjust engine rpm. In addition, the Twin Lock hydrostatic system maintains traction between the front and the rear wheel motors for traction in the difficult conditions.
  • Heavy-Duty 18.6 Mph Hydrostatic Transmission: Automatic Leveling: IMS 2.0 controls height and leveling—simply set the desired picking head height, and the system maintains it automatically, regardless of the terrain. Standard sensors prevent the picking head from making contact with the ground in difficult conditions. Machine height is also maintained in road mode thanks to the auto-leveling system, providing constant height adjustment. Activated from the comfort of the cab, the automatic lock system keeps the picking head secure during road transport.
  • Headland Management: By using one button on the multifunction handle, you can use one button to activate the headland management sequence, lifting the machine to a pre-set headland height and stopping the shakers. The same headland button will turn on all functions when entering the next row.

Cab Features

  • Harvest In First Class: More comfort means better performance, and Braud 9000 Series harvester cabs are recognized as the comfort benchmark in the industry. The cabs provide full visibility and are fully suspended for a smoother, more comfortable ride. Pressurized, sound-proofed, heated and air-conditioned, the cabs are designed to offer optimum comfort and protection during harvest, spraying and other operations. Noise levels are reduced by 3 decibels compared to the previous harvester series, providing the quietest cab on the market.
  • Easy Access: An electronic ladder platform makes cab access safe and easy. An LED motion sensor automatically lights the way when climbing the steps at night.
  • The Light You Need: As standard, 12 lights illuminate your work area, with the addition of two rear side lights. Mounted on the left and right sides of the cab, the rear lights help with added visibility at night. Extra additional lights can be fitted as an option. 360-Degree Vision: Two cameras come standard and are factory installed. In-cab color monitor can accommodate a total of four cameras to enhance visibility and view machine functions.
  • Blue Cab™ 4 System: Ultimate Protection and Comfort: The Blue Cab 4 system is the most advanced cab filtration system on the market. It features not only a category 4 filtering, closed-loop, cab-pressurization system, but it also includes category 2 filtration, used when category 4 is not needed. Both category 2 and 4 have been validated by IRSTEA according to EN15695-1 and -2 standards, and by a complete field test validation. The filtration switchover is easy. Category 4 automatically starts when a spraying unit is attached and activated. On the road or in non-spray conditions, only category 2 is used.
  • Additional Blue Cab™ 4 Features: 9000 Series harvesters with Blue Cab™ 4 system offer these features for added comfort and convenience: • Heated and air ventilated seat • 12V coolbox that’s portable for easy filling • Auto air conditioning • LED lights producing more than 10,000 lumens Intelligent, Intuitive Control: The multifunction handle allows you to control all key machine parameters, including travel speed and direction, manual leveling and harvesting head functions. The right armrest can be adjusted in length and height, and machine functions can be analyzed at a glance courtesy of the IntelliView™ IV plug and play touchscreen monitor. Row Tracking System RTS: Optional RTS uses GPS technology to map rows on the IntelliView™ IV monitor, displaying harvested rows, missed rows and overlaps.
  • Grape Weighing System: The optional grape weighing system is available on two-hopper versions of 9000 Series harvesters. The system weighs the machine before and after’ unloading.

Versatility Features

  • Year-Round Productivity: Braud 9000 Series machines are designed to be used all year long, from pre-pruning to harvest. patented system to couple and uncouple the picking head and a front tool carrier provide the flexibility vineyards desire. Multifunction on demand software provides extra adaptability, allowing control of any implement through the multifunction handle and IntelliView™ IV screen.
  • Multipurpose Frame and Ballast: The multipurpose frame can be attached within 10 minutes by one person. All hydraulic and electrical connections are grouped together for easy hook-up. In place of the picking head, the rear frame balances the machine correctly when multipurpose applications are being performed. With this frame, you will turn your new Braud 9000 into the perfect tool carrier, making year round vineyard work.
  • Front Tool Carrier: You can fit the front implement carrier quickly and easily to use implements including trimmer, pre-pruner and leaf remover with fully integrated control using the IntelliView™ IV touchscreen. The implement carrier telescopically adjusts both horizontally and vertically to suit the implements. It can be set to move away from the cab during a turn; its low attachment point avoids blind spots and ensures unobstructed right hand side visibility Spraying Equipment: Berthoud spraying equipment can be attached in less than 10 minutes by one person without any special tools, and is fully compatible with the IntelliView™ IV and multifunction handle. Combined with Blue Cab™ 4 technology and the IMS 2.0 system, Berthoud will convert your Braud harvester into the perfect tractor for spraying.
  • Pre-Pruner MP 122 Provitis: Pre-pruning head with two banks of shearing discs, with modular working heights from 19 to 39 inches. Leaf Remover LR 350 Provitis: The frame is composed of two leaf removing heads, each head is equipped with hydraulic width adjustment. The optional A’Syst hydraulic system enables the leaf removing head to react better to the shape of the canopy for gentler and more accurate treatment of the canopy than typical spring loaded systems.
  • Trimmer ST 120 Provitis: Adjustable cutting bars with 17-inch rotary blades, rotating at a speed in the range of 2000 rpm. The trimmer is offered in 2 models (one row or one and two half rows) with cutting heights of 48, 56 and 69 inches.

Servicing Features

  • Easy Access: All service points are easy to access, and long service intervals mean they will spend more time in the vineyard. Two-piece engine hood opens wide for full service access. The front hood flips up perfectly for accessing the engine, while the side door swings with a gas strut for cleaning and servicing hydraulics and coolers. Cooling package opens out to make cleaning faster and easier.
  • Easy Fluid Fill: Both fuel and AdBlue tanks can be filled form the ladder for easy access.

Precision Farming Features

  • Harvest with Maximum Precision: Braud 9000 Series grape harvesters are designed to make full use of New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM™) technology, allowing you to dramatically improve operator performance and comfort. Row Tracking System RTS: Optional RTS uses GPS technology to map rows on the IntelliView™ IV monitor, displaying harvested rows, missed rows and overlaps. An Accuracy Level To Suit Your Needs: New Holland offers a wide range of accuracy options so you can choose the level and accuracy and repeatability that best fits your needs. Using an RTK base station, you can achieve sub-inch pass-to-pass accuracy. Go to PLM Accuracy Levels Web Page
  • Data Management: PLM Connect™; Use New Holland PLM Connect telematics as your eyes and ears to get real-time information on every machine working in your fields. Using the online virtual dashboard, you know the location and status of each machine to make the best decisions and advise your operators, allowing you to maximize uptime, improve productivity and efficiency and even optimize fuel consumption. You can also use geofencing and curfew technology for the ultimate in machine security and peace of mind.; PLM™ Drone Data Management; Timing is everything when it comes to making smart and effective decisions for your operation. New Holland has collaborated with DroneDeploy® to provide you with UAV Software that is innovative, industry leading, and easy to use. PLM Drone Data Management gives you the tools to make timely agronomic decisions when you need them. It allows you to pinpoint potential problem areas in your field with GPS location. A single tool allows you to manage flight operations, imagery upload, and analysis with no manual flying required. Use the system to assist with crop scouting, drainage assessment, stockpile management and more! You can export, save and share data and imagery to help with your decisions.; Go to PLM Connect Web Page; PLM Software; By using advanced PLM software, like PLM™ Viewer, PLM™ Mapping, PLM™ and Books allows you to improve the efficiency and profitability of your operation.; Go to PLM Software Web Page
  • IntelliView™ IV Monitor: The IntelliView™ IV color, 10.5-inch, touchscreen display is available allows you to control harvester functions and row tracking and row tracking – all from one monitor. The display offers direct USB connectivity for data collection.
  • PLM Solutions App: New Holland Agriculture has developed this tool to assist you in selecting the correct PLM precision farming solutions for your operation based on your equipment, your crop cycle and PLM products. The “What’s New” section includes valuable information on product updates and new product releases. PLM™ Portal: The online PLM™ Portal is open-all hours, serving as one stop shop for all your PLM questions.
  • My PLM™ Within The My New Holland Portal: You can receive an upgraded service via the My PLM™ Portal with online support, together with classroom training in your own language. You can browse the latest PLM news, search for additional product information and user guides as well as accessing the “My Account” area which contains all of your own personalized information. You can even find out how to get even more from your PLM solution with on-line training videos and tutorials.
  • ISOBUS Weather Station: The ISOBUS Weather Station available from your local New Holland Dealer gives you real-time local weather information so you can see what the conditions are as you are working. This information is saved with field information so you can pull it up later for evaluation or for your environmental record keeping.
  • Software Update: With the release of the PST 1710 software package, you now have a choice of how to log the Weather Station output data on the IntelliView IV display, by either using the ISOBUS Task Controller or by installing the Weather Station dynamic link library (DLL). When installed on the display, the Weather Station DLL can be used to log the weather data into a csv file, which is written to the USB stick plugged into the display. Version 2017.05 of PLM Mapping Desktop Software has the ability to read this csv file and locate the data under the correct grower/farm/field/operation.

Vineyard Row Spacing ft. (m)

  • Vineyard row spacing ft. (m): >7.2 ft (>2.2m)

Clearance Max (Machine Fully Lifted) ft. (m)

  • Multifunctional grape harvester with Quick uncoupling: Standard


  • Type: FPT NEF
  • Compliant with engine emissions regulations Tier/Stage: 4B/4
  • Power ECE R120 - ISO 14396 hp [kW/(CV)]: 182 (134)
  • Cylinders / Aspiration: 6 Turbo with Intercooler
  • ECOBlue™ SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction): Standard
  • Reversible cooling fan: Standard

Tractor Base Unit

  • Diesel capacity / AdBlue capacity gal. (L): 65.2/10.8 (247/41)
  • Hydrostatic transmission with anti-skid system (Twin-Lock): Standard
  • Heavy duty high-efficiency transmission, with 18.6 mph road speed: Standard
  • Maximum steering angle degrees: 90
  • Front wheel torque limiter: Standard
  • Maximum slope (with auger) (%): 39
  • Maximum slope (with destemmer) (%): 35
  • Maximum lateral slope (%): 30
  • IMS 2.0 - Intelligent management system 2nd generation: Standard
  • CDHA - Automatic height and lateral slope correction: Standard
  • Cruise control with radar: Standard
  • Electric park brake with brake pedal and seat button: Standard
  • Front multifunction tool carrier: Optional

Harvesting Head

  • Number of SDC shakers (standard rotation): 24
  • Low Grape shaking system (1.57 in. above bucket top): Standard
  • Flexible rear shaker fixation: Standard
  • Semi-Quick coupling of the picking head: Standard
  • Optimized shaking (electric pinch and quick release shaker): Standard
  • Sealed length of collection buckets in. (mm): 98.4 (2 499)
  • Number of collection buckets: 2x68
  • Bucket size: XXL with 4 clips
  • Ground sensor for auto-leveling: Standard
  • No tool Noria tightening system: Standard
  • Hydraulic cane removers: Standard
  • Automatic swing lock system: Standard
  • High capacity cleaning conveyors in. (mm): 27.6 (701)
  • Upper cleaning fans with rear exhaust: Standard
  • Lower cleaning fans: Standard
  • Auger: Standard
  • Destemmer with easy rotor height adjustment system: Optional
  • Crop repartitor with non destemming from cab: Standard with Destemmer
  • 2 Stainless steel hoppers (liters except Opti-Grape) gal. (L): 2000L per hopper
  • Pre-washing system with 6 nozzle rinse hose and valves: Standard
  • Washing remote control: Standard
  • Washing suits (2 size kit: M-L and XL-XXL): Standard
  • Harvesting head centralized greasing: Standard
  • Progressive bin level indicator: Standard


  • Cab inside volume ft3 (m3): 78.8 (2.23)
  • Cab glass area ft2 (m2): 80.2 (2.27)
  • Actuated access ladder and platform with light: Standard
  • Protective structure: ROPS code 4
  • Air conditioning and refrigerated box: Standard
  • Cab filtration system/category level (EN 15695): Standard
  • Blue Cab™ 4 package: Optional
  • Bluetooth radio with separated microphone (hand free phone calls): Standard
  • 2 integrated speakers: Standard
  • Adjustable armrest & multifunction handle: Standard
  • IntelliView™ IV touch screen monitor with adjustable position: Standard
  • Splitable color monitor for cameras: Standard
  • Cameras (color): 2 STD /+2 OPT
  • Heated and ventilated bi-color deluxe seat: Standard
  • Lights with dedicated Light Control Panel (LCP): 12
  • Mirrors with electrical adjustment: Standard
  • Right mirrors retractable: Standard
  • Front and back glass sunshades: Standard

Premium Viticulture / PLM

  • Row Tracking System GPS NH 162 (RTS): Optional
  • Grape static weighting system with printer: Optional
  • PLM® Connect Telematics professional package: Optional

Dimensions And Tires

  • Front tires available: SW400/80 R24
  • Rear tires available: TW540/65 R28TL - TW600/65 R28TL
  • Max. height with cab, harvesting head on the ground ft. in. (m): 12' 10" (3.93)
  • Length max ft. in. (m): 19' 8" (6.0)
  • Maximum width of base unit ft. in. (m): 10' 5" (3.18)
  • Min width at the rear wheels (Narrow track if possible) ft. in. (m): 9' 7" (2.92)
  • Ground clearance (under tractor frame) ft. in. (m): 7' 2"-9' 8" (2.20-2.97)
  • Wheelbase ft. in. (m): 10' 10“ (3.30)
  • Maximum hopper tipping height, under hopper ft. in. (m): 10' 2" (3.10)
  • Maximum hopper tipping axis height ft. in. (m): 10' 9" (3.28)
  • Harvesting head back offset (from wheel axle) ft. in. (m): 3' 1" (0.95)
  • Max useful shaker height - twin hopper / side hopper ft. in. (m): 4' 11" (1.50)



Engine Manufacturer FPT NEF

Engine Power 182 hp (134 kW)

Fuel Capacity 65.2 gal. (247 L)


Length 19 ft. 8 in. (6.0 m)

Width 10 ft. 5 in. (3.18 m)

Height 12 ft. 10 in. (3.93 m)

Wheelbase 10 ft. 10 in. (3.30 m)

Ground Clearance 7 ft. 2 in.-9 ft. 8 in. (2.20-2.97 m)


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