More than just a word, it's Berthoud's mission. An ongoing effort to exceed all expectations and leave nothing to chance. It is at the heart of everything Berthoud does, from the development of products. Coastal Tractor carries a fantastic lineup of Berthoud products. Stop by today and ask for a demo!

Row Crops

  • Small Mounted

    Small Mounted

    Multipurpose and quality: watchwords of the mounted range, BERTHOUD sprayers can adapt to every need and to every use, whether you are a farmer, livestock farmer or a professional in landscape maintenance. Discover our two models dedicated to your activities.

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  • Large Mounted

    Large Mounted

    The design of our mounted sprayers is the culmination of 120 years’ experience in spraying. Our Research and Development Department is naturally inclined towards designing a range combining compactness and innovation so as to optimise your work rates whilst retaining great comfort whilst working.

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  • Trailed


    Over the last 7 years BERTHOUD’s trailed sprayers have been constantly enhanced/updated to incorporate the latest innovations, delivering state-of-the-art technology, ultimate working comfort and a commitment to the environment.

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  • Self-Propelled


    This new generation of self-propelled sprayers is one of the most efficient on the market. Its BERTHOUD style is unique and sleek.

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  • Mounted Equipment

    Mounted Equipment

    Suitable for all spraying requirements: MAXAIR, SPEEDAIR, SUPAIR, capacities of 200 to 600 L, cannons, arches, etc.

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  • Semi-Mounted Equipment

    Semi-Mounted Equipment

    The semi-mounted TWIST’AIR sprayer is available in 3 capacities of 600, 800 and 1,000 litres.

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  • Trailed Equipment

    Trailed Equipment

    A complete range of pneumatic and air-assisted trailed sprayers for vines.

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  • Grape-Harvesting Equipment

    Grape-Harvesting Equipment

    In partnership with New Holland, BERTHOUD has developed a complete range of specific spraying equipment for its entire range of New Holland Braud grape-harvesting machines.

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  • Dusters


    Whether trailed or mounted, our dusters with their straightforward and easy-to-use design are ideal for treating small areas with sulphur once or twice a year.

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  • Mounted


    The MAXAIR is a compact machine that is easy to use and offers multiple solutions depending on your requirements.

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  • Trailed


    Discover our FRUCTAIR range for orchards (tank capacity from 1000 to 3000 litres) by clicking on the model of your choice.

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Market Gardening



    The mounted SPEEDAIR sprayer features an impressive capacity of 600 litres. Fitted with the market gardening boom, the mounted SPEEDAIR is particularly well-suited for spraying beds, for use in open fields and in tunnels.

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