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Kongskilde VM-1 B Multi

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  • Steerable axles
    Axles with articulation (steerable) are available for the big 2-auger and all 3-auger mixers.
    - Less wear on tires and surface.
    - Reduces the load on the chassis.
  • Closed technical compartment for electronic and hydraulic components
    - Prevents damage to components
    - Trouble shooting is easier
    - Protection against feed remains, dirt from tractor wheels, wind and weather etc.
  • Easy access to technical compartment
    - Minimum time is used for inspection,troubleshooting and maintenance of battery.
  • Strong ladder and platform
    On VM-1 S, VM-1, VM-2S and VM-3 S the ladder can subsequently be moved to the right-hand side.
    - Possibility of inspection of the mixture and high safety.
    - Easy access
  • Separate chassis
    The drawing power goes through the drawbar and the chassis frame to the rear axle. The tub stands on the chassis via the weighing cells.
    - No twisting or horizontal draw in the weighing cells
    - The weighing system can work when the tractor is disconnected and the mixer stands on the support.
  • Oversteering of valve block
    - In case of electronic failure, the hydraulic valve block can be oversteered manually directly on the valve.
  • Straight dive lines
    Drive lines without deviation of the PTO shafts.
    - Long greasing intervals
    - Minimum maintenance.
  • Strong auger gears
    Strong auger bearing consisting of 2 large conical roller bearings. When it is cold, the oil level falls. Therefore the upper bearing is greased for life and the lower bearing runs in oil bath.
    - Maximum support
    - Minimum friction and maintenance.
  • Tapered tub sides
    The tapered tub sides hold the feed firmly.
    - Prevents the feed from rotating with the auger.
    - Instead the auger mixes the feed quickly and effectively.
  • Adjustable shearbars
    The 2 adjustable shearbars are very effective and optimise the shredding of bales of hay and straw.
    - Quick shredding of bales
    - Shorter operation time means less wear and less power consumption.
  • One shear bolt
    One shear bolt for all augers. All augers are stopped when the shear bolt releases.
    - The other auger gears are not overloaded by the additional forces.
    - The augers remain synchronized.
  • Spring-loaded axles
    All mixers with 2 or 3 axles have spring suspended axles. Less wear on tires, rim and chassis because the individual wheel is not exposed to the entire load, contrary to fixed axles.


Kongskilde VM 1B Multi Specs

  • brand NHAG
  • brand NHCE
  • brand CTbugvac
  • brand airOfan
  • brand APT
  • brand AIE
  • brand berthoud
  • brand braud
  • brand brillion
  • brand bushhog
  • brand BWimp
  • brand calag
  • brand clemens
  • brand cropcare
  • brand DMmfg
  • brand deutz
  • brand domries
  • brand exmark
  • brand flory
  • brand gearmore
  • brand hustler
  • brand kawasaki
  • brand kongskilde
  • brand kuhn
  • brand loftness
  • brand maschio
  • brand MC
  • brand micron
  • brand pequea
  • brand PES
  • brand rhino
  • brand shaver
  • brand skidpro
  • brand solex
  • brand soucy
  • brand unverferth
  • brand wasco
  • brand woods
  • brand worksaver
  • brand vrisimo