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New Holland Haybine® 16HS

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Since 1964 when New Holland introduced the industry’s first combined mower-conditioner, the Haybine name has been associated with impeccable cutting performance, fast drying, and time-tested reliability. New Holland continues this legacy with HS Series sickle heads available in 14-, 16-, and 18-foot high-capacity models for Speedrower® Series self-propelled windrowers.


New Holland chevron-design intermeshing rubber rolls are known for their thorough conditioning and fast crop dry down. The proven torsion-bar roll-pressure system applies near-constant pressure through the wide 102-inch rolls and allows the rolls to open automatically when needed to clear slugs of material without stopping. No tools are needed to adjust conditioning roll pressure. High-contact chevron rolls and steel chevron intermeshing rolls are also available.


Dual counter-stroking sickles feature a timed modular wobble drive that assures smooth cutting with minimal vibration and maintenance. Serrated knives slice quickly at over 1800 spm and the three-inch stroke delivers unrivaled cutting. Bolt-on knife sections provide long cutting life and easy replacement, and adjustable knife hold-down clips make maintenance a breeze.


The fully adjustable five-bat reel sweeps crop smoothly into the exclusive floating auger. This 20-inch auger with 5-inch flighting floats up to two inches to handle heavy crops and delivers crop evenly to the conditioning rolls.


Haybine® 16HS  
Header drive  
Cutting width ft. in. (m) 16' 3" (4.95)
Overall width ft. in. (m) 18' 3" (5.56)
Approximate weight lbs. (kg) 4120 (1869
Versions available: Single-knife drive, single swath, single reel -
Versions available: Single-knife drive, double swath, single reel -
Versions available: Double-knife drive, single swath, single reel -
Versions available: Double-knife drive, single swath, split reel -
Versions available: Double-knife drive, double swath, single reel -
Versions available: Double-knife drive, double swath, split reel -
Windrow/swath width in. (mm) 38-96 (910-2438)
Cutterbar type Timed, dual, counterstroking sickles, Open, dual, wobble drive
Knives Over serrated, bolted knives with 2-tine, double-hardened guards
Knife speed 1810 spm
Sickle stroke in. (mm) 3 (76)
Flotation -
Cutting angle and height, degrees, in (m) Neg. 6 to neg. 12 degrees, 1.2-6.2 (30.5-157.5 )
Header ground clearance - bottom of skid shoes in. (mm) -
Reel Choices (SF = steel fingers, PF = plastic fingers) 5-bat
Speed range rpm 52-83 mechanical, 0-76 optional hydraulic drive
Drive Belt & chain
Raptor Draper Belts  
Belt width and construction -
Belt/roller guide design -
Roller design -
Speed range ft. (m) -
Cleat design and height in. (mm) -
Chaff barrier seal design -
Belt angle degrees (@minimum cutterbar tilt) -
Type Floating
Maximum diameter in. (mm) 20 (508)
Flighting depth in. (mm) 5 (127)
Conditioner (Rolls)  
Type Chevron-design, intermeshing molded rubber, steel or high-contact rolls
Length in. (m) 102 (2.6)
Roll speed rpm 717
Roll pressure Torsion-bar roll pressure system adjusts with a single crank, rolls separate automatically "on the go" to allow thick material to pass
Roll gap Adjustable stop bolt
Conditioner (Flails)  
Length in. (m) -
Speed rpm -
Hood position -
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