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New Holland CR8.90

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The Harvest Suite™ Ultra cab offers you a home away from home during long harvesting days and nights. This cab is completely new from the floor up and is the result of extensive customer consultation. It’s larger with 68 ft2 of glass--7% more than previous models. More space and more glass mean more comfortable and precise harvesting. You can enjoy all that space in the peace and quiet of the near silent 73dB(A) cab.

Choose from three seating options:
1. The standard wide cloth-trimmed seat provides exceptional features and ensures all operators will stay comfortable throughout the longest harvesting day.
2. The optional deluxe cloth-trimmed seat with heating and active ventilation is perfect for the hottest days and the coldest nights, and features fore/aft isolation for even more comfort.
3. The top-of-the-line leather-trimmed seat features all the above and extended vertical travel and automatic weight adjustment that absorbs even the most severe bumps to offer the ultimate in operator comfort and style.

The Harvest Suite™ Ultra cab’s wide curved window offers a perfect view. The floor slopes down into the front windscreen so that you will have an even clearer view of the edge of the header, and the side glass perfectly follows your headers trajectory for an uninterrupted view of the unloading auger. Standard wide-angle electric mirrors mean you can see in all directions, and can position them easily from the comfort of the cab. You can manage up to three optional viewing cameras through each IntelliView™ IV monitor, and one can be pre-wired for reversing. They are the eyes in the back of your head when unloading, reversing or checking the grain tank level.

The CR’s lighting package has raised the lighting bar. The spread of light has been precision engineered for maximum visibility of the entire header and the field ahead and behind. Precision unloading in the dead of night. You’ll never lose a single grain thanks to a specific unloading auger light. Additional rear lamps enable operators to monitor residue and two lamps located on the side panels illuminate the rear axle to prevent running down standing crop and to assist when maneuvering. You even have the choice between halogen and two LED packages. You can also exit your combine in complete safety courtesy of the entrance light, which remains on for 30 seconds after you’ve switched the combine off.


During long hot harvesting days, the standard integrated fridge under the instructor seat means a refreshing drink is only an arm’s length away. And, it can be removed easily for easy replenishment. The Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) system comes as standard equipment and automatically adjusts fan speed to guarantee accurate temperature to within one degree. The Harvest Suite Ultra cab is definitely the coolest place to be.


Intelligent and intuitive automation saves time and enhances harvesting performance. The CommandGrip™ multi-function handle is your right-hand harvesting man. You control all key machine and header parameters, including header height, reel position and unloading engagement. The right-hand console contains less frequently used functions, which are laid out in an ergonomic and logical manner. You monitor machine functions at a glance courtesy of the color IntelliView™ IV display.

You now have space to store everything you need. A large compartment behind the operator is perfect for stowing away essential documents.

The ultra-wide 10.4-inch IntelliView™ IV color touchscreen display is mounted on rollers which allow it to move along an ideal viewing arc so you can position it just where you want. This intuitive display allows you to monitor all combine functions and change views by simply touching the screen. A second screen can be installed on request and is perfect for IntelliSteer™ auto guidance tasks or for displaying camera views.


The CR’s feeding system has been significantly upgraded to enhance its already highly efficient operation. The feeder features four chains with connecting slats on the CR8.90, CR8.90 Elevation, CR9.90, CR9.90 Elevation and CR10.90 Elevation models for improved crop flow and even smoother feeding into the Twin Rotors®. The CR line benefits from an impressive header lift capacity for ultimate productivity when working with the very largest headers, and you can choose between the Advanced Stone Protection system or the optional, Dynamic Feed Roll™ system which both ensure the threshing mechanism is always fully protected.

This on-the-go mechanical system delivers maximum feeding efficiency and stone detection effectiveness in extremely stony conditions. Stones are automatically directed by an 18-inch-diameter closed beater into a dedicated stone trap located between the feeder and rotors. There’s no stopping, no hesitation, no interruption of the harvesting process. This non-stop harvesting system increases capacity by up to 15% when operating on the stoniest ground. The Dynamic Feed Roll™ system features serrated plates so that it is gentle on the crop to deliver higher-quality, more profitable grain and straw. Simply empty the stone trap module during routine maintenance.

The unique Automatic Stone Protection System (ASP) uses a detection sensor located under the closed lower drum of the feeder. When a stone is detected, the full width, pivoting ejection door automatically opens and the stone is ejected. The ASP system requires minimal operator input ensures an unobstructed flow of the crop from the feeder to the rotors. This maximizes grain and straw quality, increases capacity and, of course, protects internal feeding elements for extended machine life.

The IntelliCruise™ automatic crop feeding system automatically matches the forward speed to crop load. A sensor on the feeder driveline continually monitors the demand placed on the header, so in areas of lighter crop, forward speed automatically increases to guarantee the combine works at full capacity through areas of differing yield.

New Holland’s unique hydraulic reversing system instantly clears any header and feeder blockages. You can “rock” the header and feeder backward and forward to feed material into the combine and effectively unblock the machine for minimum downtime and maximum harvesting uptime.


Combine Class  
Combine Class 8
Harvest Suite™ Ultra cab  
Harvest Suite™ Ultra cab glass area ft.² 68
LED lighting pack Optional
LED far distance lights Optional
Standard cloth trimmed seat with air-suspension Standard
Deluxe cloth trimmed heated air-suspension seat with Active Ventilation Optional
Leather trimmed heated air-suspension seat with Active Ventilation Optional
IntelliView™ IV monitor with adjustable position Standard
2nd IntelliView™ IV monitor Optional
Viewing cameras Optional
Automatic climate control and coolbox Standard
Integrated fridge under instructor seat Standard
MP3 Bluetooth radio (hands free phone calls) Optional
Satellite radio (hands free phone calls) Optional
Optimum cab noise level - ISO 5131 (dB(A)) 73
Automatic Header Control Systems  
Terrain Tracer™ system / Autofloat™ system Standard
Number of chains 4
ASP™ system (Advanced Stone Protection) Standard
Dynamic feed roll system Optional
Twin Rotor® Technology  
S³ rotors Standard
Twin Pitch rotors Optional
Rotor diameter / length in. 22 / 104
Adjustable rotor vanes Optional
Self-levelling cleaning shoe with Opti-Fan™ Standard
Opti-Clean™ cleaning system -
Enhanced aggressive shake shoe cleaning system Standard
Total sieve area under wind control in.² 10,075
Graintank and Unloading  
Manual folding extensions, standard/optional bushels 410 /  -
Remote folding covers capacity bushels 410
Unloading speed bu/sec 4
Folding unloading tube Optional
Pivoting unloading tube spout Optional
Residue Management  
Integrated straw chopper Standard
Remote chop / drop selection Optional
Opti-Spread™ residue management Optional
Engine* Compliant with Tier 4 Emissions Regulations  
Engine* Compliant with Tier 4 Emissions Regulations FPT Cursor 11
ECOBlue™ Hi-eSCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction) Standard
Gross engine power @ 2100 rpm (CV) HP 469
Maximum engine power @ 2000 rpm (CV) HP 517
Fuel Tank  
Diesel capacity / DEF capacity gal. 340 / 42
Differential lock Optional
Road transport speed 20 mph / 25 mph Standard / Optional
Factory installed SmartTrax™ system Optional
New Holland Precision Land Management Systems  
IntelliSteer™ ready automatic guidance system Standard
IntelliCruise™ system Optional
Weight - Standard version less header lbs. 42,236
Dimensions with traction wheels** 900 / 75 R32
Wheelbase ft. (m) 12' 4" (3.76)
Maximum height - transport ft. (m) 13' (3.96)
Maximum width ft. (m) 13' (3.96)
Maximum width - transport ft. (m) 10' 10" (3.3)
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